Photo Gallery of our Actual Ambassador Animals!

*NOT ALL animals or ambassador species are pictured*

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We are Professional Educators and Public Speakers first!

  • Our “FUN TEACHERS WITH A TWIST” will fascinate you with how they work WITH the animals and their ability to educate, engage and connect with diverse ages & learning abilities –  and their ability to adapt to different venues and circumstances.  Our reviews, testimonials and references say it all!
  • Wildlife Encounters® presentations and exhibits educate youth and the public on a wide variety of environmental, animal and personal health & wellness topics, while making a very personal and intimate connection with the “face of nature”!
  • Though we participate in and support the wildlife rehabilitation & release community, our Teaching Animals are all non-releasable wildlife either because of injury, legal situations, or they were not born in the wild.

*Wildlife Encounters’ facility and our operations are regulated by and compliant with the Animal Welfare Act: Class C Exhibitor # 12-C-0051

Regulated WildlifeInteractive MammalsInteractive Reptiles Interactive BirdsAmphibians & Invertebrates
African Serval CatAfrican Pygmy HedgehogTegu LizardsMourning DoveGiant Marine (Cane) Toad
American AlligatorChinchillaGreen & Red IguanaGreen-cheeked ConureAfrican Giant Bullfrog
Gray FoxSugar GliderBosc MonitorMoluccan CockatooDumpy Tree Frog
Marble / Red FoxLop RabbitsAustralian Bearded DragonWhite / Umbrella CockatooRose-haired Tarantula
African Crested PorcupineFlemish Giant RabbitsCrested GeckoGreenwing MacawAfrican Giant Millipede (babies)
Fennec FoxMini-pigsBlue-tongued SkinkBlue & Gold MacawVinegaroon
North American OpossumPygmy GoatsSulcata TortoisePeacockMadagascar Giant Hissing Cockroaches
Ring-tailed CoatimundiMiniature DonkeyLeopard TortoiseTurkey
Eastern Box TurtleRussian TortoiseBearded Silkie Roosters
Turkey VultureHermann’s Tortoise
Brazilian Tree PorcupineOrnate Box Turtle
Prairie DogsAlligator Snapping Turtle
Bennett’s WallabyNorthern Common Snapping Turtle
Patagonian CavyKingsnake
Brush-tailed BettongCorn Snake
Striped SkunkHognose Snake
Burmese Python
Reticulated Python
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor
Australian Carpet Python
Australian Woma Python
African Royal (Ball) Python