Struggling with student engagement in the virtual classroom?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our community outreach & school enrichment programs are being offered live through virtual sessions!  We support nearly all technology platforms.

EVERYBODY now gets a front row seat!

VIRTUAL School Enrichment Programs via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meets, Skype  Online Live class, grade-level and multi-grade presentations:

 $165 per session

We can host the class or session with our business Zoom Account!   

Up to 500 participants!  $10 hosting fee.

Call or email today to schedule!  Animals that participate and learning objectives are all customized.   We encourage the monitored use of chat featured to empower and engage students with questions!

603-923-1168      [email protected]

The Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center’s Outreach School Enrichment


For more about our staff, backgrounds & qualifications – visit About Us.


Zippity-ZOO for Preschools and Daycares

Visit always features 1 Wildlife / 3 Interactive Ambassador Animals (total of 4)

*LIMITATION – NOT available beyond Zone 2!    Animal choices restricted to Small and Medium  Ambassador Animal categories (exceptions may be made made for yearly contract customers)                           

 25-30 minute presentation     $175* + travel.

 – 2nd presentation back-to back the same visit is $60.                                                                   – Customers hiring 9+ visits/year will receive the reduced rate of $125 per visit plus travel!

Transportation & Travel Rates

  • “Home Zone”  – NO TRAVEL – About a 20 mile radius around Rochester, NH  (examples: Kittery/Portsmouth, Wakefield, Epping, Sanford)
  • Beyond the Home Zone – all travel rates are calculated based on the shortest distance between our zip code and the destination zip code, round trip per mile a the current Fed Rate.
  • *Maine Regulatory Import Fee: $27 (effective 1/1/14, this is a per occurrence state fee required of all out-of-state wildlife entities that we now will be reflecting on Maine customer invoices.)